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Experience Bwindi

Guided Tours

At Trekkers tavern we offer guided tours. Our magnificent resort provides a real African experience, replete with amenities of the highest calibre and customised service that will leave you wanting more.

At Trekkers Tavern, we think that your trip to Uganda should be a thrilling experience. Thus, we provide guided tours of the area that are intended to highlight the region’s remarkable variety and natural beauty.

We have something for everyone, whether they are passionate birdwatchers, cultural aficionados, village explorers, or mountain bikers.

Our guided bird viewing excursion is a definite need for bird lovers. Uganda is home to more than 1,080 bird species, which is more than half of all bird species on the African continent. Bwindi is well known as one of the few places in the region where you have great chances to see the African green broadbill, Handsome Francolin, Grauer’s Rush Warbler, and other 20 endemic bird species along the Albertine Rift.

Our skilled guides will lead you on an exciting tour into the deep woods of Bwindi, where you will discover some of the world’s rarest and most unique species. You will be able to take breathtaking images of avian life and learn about the behaviour and habits of each species.

Our village tours provide a unique chance for anyone interested in local culture to connect with members of the Batwa community. Our guides will lead you around the hamlet, where you will meet residents and learn about their customs and traditions. You will also get the opportunity to try local food and experience the remarkable workmanship of the locals.

If you’re searching for a more adrenaline-pumping pastime, our mountain bike trips will not disappoint. Our guides will lead you on an exciting journey through the mountainous terrain of Bwindi, where you will discover some of Africa’s most stunning landscapes.

You will also get the opportunity to ride into the forest and take in the fresh air and breathtaking views.

Lastly, our Batwa cultural interactions are a must-do for individuals in search of a really immersive cultural experience. You will go with our guides into the heart of the Batwa village to learn about their history, culture, and way of life. In addition, you will get the opportunity to engage in traditional dances and music and to see some of the community’s daily rituals.

At Trekkers Tavern, we recognise that each visitor is unique, and we endeavour to provide experiences that cater to your specific interests. Our educated and personable guides are enthusiastic about the area and committed to ensuring you have an outstanding experience. Why then wait? We will show you the finest of Uganda if you book a room with us now.